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Working in the Netherlands

Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door is the online starting point for people who want to find work and who live in the Utrecht region. Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door is a collaborative organization of various organizations and municipalities. We work together to provide free support for job seekers, self-employed entrepreneurs and people who have just finished their degree.

Need help with your career or schooling?

Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door is here to help you with your career or schooling. Do you want support or do you have a question? Contact our team to see if we can help you.

Getting started

  • has an online portal with an overview of current non-Dutch speaking vacancies and assignments.
  • On you can find vacancies and information about looking for work, applying for jobs and presenting yourself.
  • explains your rights and obligations, what you need to arrange and what agreements you have to make if you work in the Netherlands.
  • There are a lot of job opportunity in construction and infrastructure. Visit (in Dutch) to see what your options are.
  • On (in Dutch) you can find advice on how to improve your position in the labor market. It is also possible to speak to a coach.
  • Do you want to work in healthcare in the Utrecht region? Take a look at the Zorg Shop (in Dutch) for support and vacancies.
  • You can find up-to-date information from the UWV (in Dutch) about promising professions.

Learning Dutch

Language is very important for finding work. It starts with reading vacancies and writing cover letters. Also, most jobs require you to be able to read and write. If you have trouble with the Dutch language it can be useful to follow a Dutch language course.

On the website of the Board for Tests and Exams you can find language schools throughout the Netherlands. Here you can take language courses and exam training for the state exam Dutch as a Second Language. With the State Exam NT2 diploma you can prove to an employer, school or study program that your Dutch is proficient.

Frequently asked questions about Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door

Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door is a Regional Mobility Team (RMT). In the Netherlands there are 35 RMTs. The RMTs are an initiative of the Ministries of Social Affairs and Employment and Education, Culture and Science, municipalities, UWV, SBB, MBO Council, trade unions and employers’ organizations.

The labor market is constantly changing. Jobs are disappearing, work is shifting, new work is emerging. The government wants to support people in their search for that new job. Especially for people who are not necessarily entitled to guidance and measures that already exist. By this we mean someone who has graduated but can’t find a job, someone who is reintegrating and could use some extra help to find that first job. Or someone who is afraid of losing his/her job and would like to work in a sector where there is a lot of future-proof work.

One needs training, the other just advice. That is why there is a new working method in regional mobility teams for which organizations (education, employers, trade unions) work together so that you, as a job seeker, do not have to search on your own (because where do you begin?). For the Midden-Utrecht region, this is the organization Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door.

Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door helps you in your job search. This can be done, for example, by looking at opportunities in a new sector, assistance with a next job application or retraining opportunities.

You can go to an RMT if you have lost your job or income. Or you’re at risk of losing your job. Or you need extra help in finding (other) work. For example because:

  • your knowledge and experience does not match what is being asked
  • your earlier work no longer exists
  • you were self-employed but are now looking for a job

Then contact us.

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Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door (MUWD) is also the online starting point for Ukrainian refugees in Utrecht and surroundings and for everyone who wants to help them. Read more about the help we offer Ukrainian refugees.